Manage data sustainably.

Sometimes less is certainly more.

Our imperative. Save energy!

APARAVI offers companies and authorities a solution for sustainable data management: Save energy. Reduce CO2 emissions. To save our most valuable resources – and not waste them on useless data.

Enterprises need to operate in ways that preserve resources.

Climate change has long been demanding a rethink and transformation in the way we do business. Conflicts in Europe and around the globe have aggravated the situation dramatically. In short: Saving energy and preserving resources is now an absolute imperative!

In particular, the storage of unstructured ROT data (redundant – obsolete – trivial) and unknown data (dark data) wastes huge amounts of energy. Data centers already consume two percent of all the electricity produced around the globe – and this figure is set to keep rising. According to some estimates, this share will grow to 30 percent over the next 15 years.

New truths.

Important knowledge about data.


of German IT decision-makers do not know how much data they are storing


of company data is irrelevant – and thus wasting energy and generating unnecessary costs


Data volumes are expected to grow 230% by 2025 and drive energy consumption

6 Gt CO2

Savings of 6 Gt CO2 need to be achieved by 2030 to meet climate targets

Big Data,
Big Waste?

Read our study on sustainable data management!

APARAVI surveyed 522 German IT decision-makers in September 2021. How are other companies dealing with data management and sustainability?

We wanted to know how much data you are saving, where you are storing it, and where there may be potential for savings. The qualitative online survey also focused on the priority companies give to reducing their CO2 footprint, what has been curbing their progress thus far, and the role unstructured data plays.

Better to start today than tomorrow!

With the APARAVI platform.

”To halt climate change, we all have to make a contribution. Most enterprises have understood this and are searching for options to act more sustainably. We assist in this process and address the reduction and optimization of data. Nobody wants to manually sift through, classify, process and potentially delete countless terabytes of files. Our platform enables companies to automate these steps, cleanse their data and reduce it by up to 40 percent.”

Gregor Bieler, CEO APARAVI Europe

Do you speak ESG?

Customers, partners and the EU love transparency.

Sustainability reports, also known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports are already compelling large companies to reveal the impact of their activities on society and the environment.

Parameters such as data quality, data risks and redundancy are becoming increasingly granular and, consequently, more difficult to audit. But guess what? Customers, partners and the European authorities love this kind of transparency.

Sustainable data management for experienced professionals
Perhaps your organization belongs to the 49 percent of German companies already active in this regard. All the better. Extend your sustainability strategy to include data management – there are huge potential savings to be made! And it is not only about deleting unwanted data, but also establishing a sensible, efficient data life cycle.

Total transparency for rookies
Are you still a newbie when it comes to sustainability? No problem at all. Our experts will help you develop an appropriate data strategy to suit your specific processes, products and business objectives. Reducing your excess data is a first step towards achieving a smaller CO2 footprint.

Data can be sustainable too if you just know how!

Find out for yourself in a personal consultation with one of our experts, including a live demo.