Use-Case Gain accurate insights into contracts

Insurance companies fulfil their contractual obligations in the event of a claim by reimbursing damages up to defined coverage amounts. The amount of coverage is defined in contracts, signed, scanned, and stored in various formats. These coverage amounts can change over time, however, because new laws are passed, or regulations adapted. As a result, insurance companies must revise their contracts accordingly. But they face the challenge of not knowing which contracts are actually affected by the changes. If they fail to meet the requirements, however, insurance companies can be faced with lawsuits from their customers.

With Aparavi, insurance companies don’t run into this danger: The Deep Intelligence Engine can read out the contents of the contracts and recognise which of them need the coverage amount adjusted. Furthermore, it is also possible to search these contracts for further details, such as the cancellation periods, certain additional benefits or exceptions in which the insurance company does not step in. Insurance companies can thus easily obtain all the information they need with just a few clicks and know exactly which conditions they have agreed to with each customer.

Use Case Cloud-Migration

The cloud offers companies many key advantages: easier scalability, greater flexibility and storage space, lower costs and better performance. Those who want to make things easy for themselves migrate all their available company data. This is not always the wisest thing to do, however, especially since storage and data capacity play a decisive role in the composition of migration costs. Therefore, the first step in data migration should be to know your data inside out. Storage vendors and migration service providers may have the tools to move data, but companies themselves need to know what data should go where, and what doesn’t need to be kept at all.

Use Case Post-Corona Audit

Most companies were unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, and they had to implement new solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 or Teams almost overnight in the spring of 2020 to enable their employees to work (together) and communicate with customers and colleagues while working from home. In the meantime, it has become apparent that the often hectic and bumpy installation has led to new challenges. Data was copied back and forth, or shared countless times via different paths and stored in a wide variety of places. The result: no one knows their way around anymore.


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