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Gregor Bieler
Heidi Just
Chief of Staff EMEA
Gian-Luca Konrad
Solution Advisor DACH
Madalina Mateescu
Head of Customer Success

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Adrian Knapp founded the data mastery provider Aparavi in Zug, Switzerland in 2016. But why? Because he realised that the volumes of data in companies, particularly their unstructured data, was becoming more and more of a challenge. He wanted to develop a suitable solution that would give companies of all sizes back control over their data. The result is the Data Mastery Platform. It provides a comprehensive overview of all data stored, quickly, easily and from any location.

The Data Mastery Platform is built on the Deep Intelligence Engine, the intelligent search engine based on machine learning. In the Data Mastery Cockpit, the intuitive user interface means even employees without significant IT knowledge can uncover, optimise, classify and evaluate company data in any IT environment – whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. On this basis, they can then make informed decisions, minimise costs and risks, and thus get the most out of digital assets to sustainably increase their business success.

Aparavi’s headquarters are located in Zug. In addition, Aparavi has subsidiaries in Santa Monica, USA (opened in 2020) and in Munich, Germany (opened in 2021). Gregor Bieler took over the EMEA business as CEO in mid-2021.

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