Tackle compliance in a systematic manner,
always use data with a clear conscience

Data protection often fails for operative reasons

No company ever says: “Today, we’d like to violate the GDPR.” Just the opposite. Most companies and authorities make a big effort to safeguard the sensitive data of their customers or citizens. And that is indeed revealing: They are always “making an effort”.

Companies are still too often failing to actually clear the operative hurdles involved in complying with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – especially with regard to the existence and analysis of unstructured data.

What do the GDPR regulations state in concrete terms?

Though it has long simply been common sense for data protection and compliance officers, one clear fact has not necessarily been taken fully on board in all departments at a company: Violating the GDPR is risky and expensive.

But which regulatory requirements does the GDPR pose with regard to personal data? Here are the key provisions:

  • Art. 12: Fulfilling the duty to inform the data subject transparently
  • Art. 15 to 21: Responding to requests from the data subject
  • Art. 33, 34: Duty to notify authorities and data subjects of a data breach
  • Art. 28, 29: Concluding a third-party data processing agreement
  • Art. 5, 17: Defining a data deletion policy
  • Art. 46: Ensuring an adequate level of data protection when transferring data to third countries

APARAVI platform

Automate management of data, reduce GDPR risks

What provides effective protection from huge financial losses in connection with GDPR violations?

A professional data management system. This is because personal data can only be identified quickly in uncluttered, validated data pools. The same applies for responding rapidly to GDPR requests received from consumers and establishing a data deletion policy.

Quickly find the source of your concerns

With APARAVI, you can even search through your unstructured data for files containing personal information.

Quickly identify data using around 150 categories, specific queries and regular expressions and, for example, convert it into GDPR-compliant stored data.

How APARAVI can assist in acute data protection emergencies

  • Discovering personal information in unstructured data rapidly
  • Flagging files earmarked for deletion following a request from a data subject
  • Gaining a better understanding regarding which data may be or might become problematic
  • Initiating and implementing deletion policies quickly
  • Professionally providing documentation confirming deletion of data
  • Automating the creation of audit-friendly reports

No trivial matter!

GDPR fines damage your business:

  • In the worst case, a single violation could cost you up to 20 million euros
  • You can expect to face penalties of up to 4 percent of the company’s annual turnover

A proactive approach to data protection

APARAVI pays off most swiftly in preventive, continuous use. Just consider, for a moment, the GDPR fines that other companies may have been able to save with our assistance: Google: 50 million euros, British Airways: 205 million euros, Amazon: 746 million euros, Marriott Hotels: 110 million euros. The list goes on…

Just do it right from the outset: Rely on APARAVI.

How APARAVI benefits you in preventive use

  • Risk of GDPR violations occurring minimized in a lasting, sustainable manner
  • Avoid unnecessary costs resulting from the damage to your reputation, claims for compensation and loss of certificates which follow data violations
  • Eliminate the risk of personal liability among management
  • Take advantage of tax benefits thanks to investing in preventive software

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