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What do the GDPR provisions say, exactly?

The General Data Protection Regulation imposes tough requirements on companies with regard to safeguarding personal data. GDPR compliance is crucial for minimizing data risks and violations, thus avoiding potential fines. The size of GDPR fines is based on the severity of the violation and the annual turnover of the company. Penalties of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the annual global turnover may be imposed, depending on which amount is higher.

With APARAVI, companies and authorities are able to establish the perfect approach to data compliance and governance, ensure that work processes are in line with data protection requirements and minimize the risk or costs of data breaches.

No idle threat – GDPR fines are steep

  • Real estate company Deutsche Wohnen was fined 14.5 million euros, because it had collected data from tenants without first obtaining their consent.
  • Spanish aviation firm Vueling Airlines was handed down a fine of 30,000 euros, as it hadn’t taken appropriate security measures to safeguard customer data.
  • Fashion chain H&M was given a fine of 6.5 million euros, because they had partly unknowingly stored the personal data of staff illegally.

Consequences and sanctions arising
from data protection violations:

  • Costs related to eliminating the root cause of the violation
  • Claims for compensation from impacted data subjects
  • Personal liability among management, for instance in the insurance and banking sectors
  • Additional audits or withdrawal of certifications
  • Loss of reputation and trust

Revolutionize your data management

Regain transparency & control over your unstructured data

As a company, you are obliged to ensure the security of your data by way of technical and organizational measures (TOM). What’s more, you have to respond to requests from data subjects to provide information on the data you are storing, or to delete it, within a month. At the same time, companies are required to take a sparing approach to storing data. Many companies are simply not able to fulfill these requirements!

With a professional data management system, unstructured and unknown data can quickly be identified and inventoried. You can rely on continually clean, validated data sets to allow you to respond to all GDPR requests rapidly and to safeguard your data through preventive measures!

The ultimate guide to the GDPR:

  • Duty to report the breach: In case of a data breach, the responsible data controller must notify the supervisory authority if the breach is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons (Art. 33 GDPR).

  • Duty to provide information: Impacted data subjects have the right to be provided with information about the processing of their data (Art. 13 and 14 GDPR).

  • Rights of the impacted data subject Data subjects have the right to access, rectification, erasure and restriction of processing of their data (Art. 15-22 GDPR).

  • Security of processing: Technical and organizational measures must be implemented to ensure an appropriate level of protection for personal data (Art. 32 GDPR).

  • Deletion policy: Personal data which is not required for a legitimate purpose must be deleted. A deletion policy helps to stipulate the criteria for erasing data (Art. 5 GDPR).

  • Transferring data to third country: Any transfer of personal data to third countries requires a commensurate level of data protection or appropriate guarantees (Art. 44-50 GDPR).

Automated management of data

How APARAVI can help in acute data protection emergencies

Analysis tool and reporting dashboard

Analysis of over 6,000 file types with customizable classification categories enables you to identify and resolve data risks.

Finding personal data

Rapid location of critical data in unstructured and unknown data pools in hybrid IT infrastructures.

Automated reports

Proof of timely response to requests for information or erasure, and regarding conformity with data protection and compliance regulations.

Control and legal certainty

Readily demonstrable TOM ensure compliant data security and protection, while also reducing any potential fines imposed by up to 80%.

Check your data protection?

Manage your unstructured and largely unknown data effectively and securely with
the APARAVI Platform.

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Safeguard company, customer and partner data correctly

Critical GDPR regulations at a glance
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Quickly find the data that is the source of concern
Automated classification and analysis of all data sets

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