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Big Data, Big Waste?

Resource efficient data management:
Why companies need to act now

Data centres already account for 2% of the global electricity consumption, this number could rise up to 30% by 2038. More and more companies realise that they also have to make a contribution to protect the climate. The storage of unstructured and dark data alone unnecessarily wastes huge amounts of energy.

The latest need for action: the EU wide ESG reporting obligation, which applies from 2023 on for all companies with 250 or more employees.

Did you know that…

  • 21% of German IT decision makers do not know how much data they have stored?
  • 45% of company data is irrelevant and therefore wastes energy and money
  • The volume of data will grow by 230% by 2025 and accordingly the energy consumption?
  • Approximately 49,000 companies across Europe with 250 or more employees are now required to file an ESG report?

Is my company affected by the
ESG reporting obligations?

  • ESG obligation applies from 2023 for larger companiesWith more than 250 employeesAnd/or more than 40 million € revenueAnd/or more than 20 million € in total assets
  • From 2026 also for small and medium-sized companies
    with more than 10 employees
    and at least 700,000€ revenue

Companies' opportunity to achieve sustainability goals

The EU resolution on environmental social governance (ESG) obliges companies to disclose environmental, social and corporate governance information. The intention is to provide investors and customers with transparent insights into the activities of companies and to motivate the market towards sustainability.

Only 53% of companies were able to formally prepare ESG relevant data in the last 2 years. APARAVI supports you in developing a suitable data strategy, automatically cleansing your data and reducing your data estate by up to 40%. The reduction of unnecessary data is the first step towards a better eco-balance. The subsequent automation of data processes, such as deletion concepts, ensures permanent, verifiable energy savings – because every kWh that is saved is good for our planet!

What does sustainable
data management mean

Heidi explains why sustainable data management means more than just avoiding rising energy costs for storage capacities due to rapid data growth.

With APARAVI, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also automate your data processes in the long term and permanently: This does not only please our planet, but also your CFO.

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APARAVI platform - Data-sustainability-as-a-service

Systematic automation for targeted data reduction

Identify legacy data

Identification of legacy data through creation date to mark for deletion.

GDPR compliant data deletion

GDPR compliant search and deletion of personal data.


Classification of large files (images, videos, gaming) for faster access.

Data compression for legal retention

Compress data that you have to keep by law up to 50%.

Create facts for
your ESG report

Our experts are happy to advise you on your ESG reporting and potential energy cost/ CO2 savings!

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Whitepaper Sustainable data management

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ESG reporting obligation from 2023
Implementation and consequences of non-reporting

Sustainable data management
Save up to 40% of CO2 with a targeted data reduction approach

Insights: Green data study
See the ESG report as an opportunity

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