APARAVI integration
for Relativity

eDiscovery: Full focus on all case-relevant information

Save valuable expert time immediately

eDiscovery with APARAVI

Simple and flexible for Relativity users: APARAVI helps investigators, legal and data analysts to find case-relevant facts in unstructured data faster and with all important information.

  • Eliminate irrelevant ROT data (redundant, obsolete and trivial)
  • Standardised and customisable classifications
  • Extended display of all relevant information in the coding panel
  • Highlighting of references in the document viewer
  • Reduction of manual search effort and human error
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  • Advantages:

    • Enormous time savings when analysing documents: your experts can fully focus on the information relevant to the case, highlighting the specific search results.

    • Identify without manual effort: No manual search for storage locations, no manual search for files, no manual review of files.

    • Find all information fast & easy: Large amounts of data and over 6,000 file types can be searched, prepared for Relativity and seamlessly transferred in a short time.

    • Perfect case-related relevance: Quickly find and process the information that is really relevant to your case, question or task.

    • Maximum security: Original data is only read out, never changed and remains in your secure infrastructure.

Effective data preparation for Relativity

Easy to install and quickly integrated into Relativity. The extended search and classification options make the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) faster and more efficient. Benefit from the intelligent and detailed search of the APARAVI connector.


The customer hands over large volumes of unstructured data for analysis. With APARAVI over 6,000 file types can be scanned, indexed, classified and creating structure for their data.


The APARAVI integration in Relativity enables comprehensive classification and inventory of this unstructured and cluttered data.


The compressed and optimised data set is directly available in Relativity. The case is processed efficiently and in a time-saving manner.

"APARAVI helps you to understand where the relevant, sensitive information is located - in high quality and high speed.
Our experts love this, as they dont have to waste time on irrelevant data sets."

Cyber Risk Advisory Director


APARAVI is DMSZ-certified according to EN ISO/IEC 27001, TSL-encryption, hosting in germany and much more.


Initial data analysis and data evaluation. This way patterns and findings can be identified for decision-making.


Deep search for file content and evaluation with fully customisable, transparent search criteria.


Check metadata and file contents using 250 predefined and unlimited customised classifications.

eDiscovery, highly accelerated

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