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Data forensics
for IT-investigations

How to create automatic forensic evidence

Why Data Forensics
is important

From unstructured to structured: The search for relevant data in data forensics.

The forensic examination of IT systems can be crucial to providing evidence in court proceedings and criminal prosecution. An important component is evidence management, where digital evidence is collected, analysed and prepared for court proceedings.

Unstructured data and dark data often complicate investigations against cybercriminals. However, IT forensic analyses must be conducted fast and effective in order to avoid a worst case scenario in the event of a data breach for example.

The 5 biggest challenges in IT forensics:

  • Unstructured data: Many different sources and inaccessible storage locations make the search complicated.
  • Data processing speed: Processing time depends on data volume and hardware performance.
  • Data security: Protect data integrity and quickly identify potential threats or relevant information
  • Data analysis: In-depth investigation and accurate evidence gathering for successful court proceedings.
  • Data compliance: Compliance with legal requirements to ensure lawful data collection and analysis.

Importance and scope of data forensics

  • Increased number of cyber-attacks: Over 70% of German companies were victims of successful attacks
  • Damage limitation: Global cyber crime caused over 225 billion euros in damage to companies worldwide since 2007 – some of them even went bankrupt
  • Areas of application: law enforcement, anti-fraud, audits, corporate security, data protection and compliance & governance

Find and understand
reliable information

Faster to data transparency

With APARAVI, you always have full transparency of your data, no matter if it is located on on-premise servers or in the cloud. The APARAVI dashboard offers you both a quick overall overview of all your data and the possibility to dig deeper into meta-data and file content at any time.

That’s not all. With our deep search engine, you save an enormous amount of time when searching for distributed data sets and avoid time consuming import and export processes. APARAVI facilitates the work of IT investigators by providing the appropriate technology for electronic evidence and data analysis, while ensuring the highest level of data security.

Automated data forensics with the APARAVI platform

Core Scan

Fast, cross-platform scan for initial inventory and capture of folder structures and files.

Data analysis

Initial data analysis and data assessment. This identifies patterns and insights for decision-making.


Deep search for file contents and evaluation with fully customisable, transparent search criteria.


Verify metadata and file content through 250 predefined and unlimited custom classifications.

Highly accelerated
data forensics

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Data forensics for IT investigators

In our whitepaper digital forensics for you can learn more about:

Unstructured data as a source of risk
Full data transparency through structured data sets

Significant time savings
Find and validate relevant information in the shortest possible time

5 big wins for IT forensics
APARAVI finds and analyses every file

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