Smart Data Migration

On-premises, cloud or hybrid?
A clean and organized data infastructure saves you time and costs when migrating data.

How much useless legacy data are you still hosting?

Before considering which providers may be suitable for data hosting and migration, it makes sense to first ask yourself which of your data you really want to bring along and continue hosting.

Up to 80% of all company data is “dark data”, much of which is redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT data) – in other words, data which actually provides you with zero benefit, instead only generating costs while increasing efforts and risk.

If your company knew which of your data was truly relevant and, in contrast, which was duplicated, unimportant, obsolete and unused, you would be able to save up to 75% of your migration costs and complete the project three months earlier*.

Ensuring data migration is smart

  1. The stored data has been analyzed and classified
  2. Unstructured data is known and is used to create value
  3. The migration strategy is based on relevant data
  4. The data is scanned, inventoried and monitored regularly using intelligent software
  5. IT systems become leaner, faster and consume less electricity
  6. Strategies are in place for crisis scenarios and cyberattacks

APARAVI’s added value for smart data migration

  • Through precise data analysis, we pave the way for intelligent, well-founded data migration and hosting concepts
  • You benefit from increased data security and a reduced carbon footprint
  • At the same time, you extract real “data treasures” from your dark data for business, AI/ML applications and more

Migrate or discard?

If a company is smart and knows its data, it will only migrate what it really needs and uses legacy data only to add value.

And this is precisely where APARAVI comes in. Using our intelligent software platform, we analyze all your data – no matter whether it is hosted on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid scenario. By way of detailed reports and overviews, we put you in a position to identify and classify your data in a way that is tailored to your exact needs.

By the way: Did you know that with APARAVI you can achieve full transparency for the cleansing of your unstructured data within just a few days?

Smart data migration with APARAVI

Cost transparency

Cloud calculator, the volume of data, types of data, instance types & network specifications calculated

Best practice workflows

Migration projects completed according to plan thanks to automation workflows

Avoid bringing useless legacy data into the new system

Quickly assess the potential to delete data through analysis of metadata AND content

Always clean & lean

APARAVI keeps your data clean – sustainably and across platforms

Our data experts are at your service

We support you before, during
and after your migration project!

Arrange personal meeting

Known from

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Smart Data Migration

Discover more:
Successful planning of data migration
Our tips and the migration check list make every project a success

Use storage space wisely
Delete 40 percent of unused, useless data already BEFORE migrating

Maintain data transparency over the long term
Automation enables you to maintain clean, uncluttered data pools over the long term – minimizing your risk

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