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Data Breach Prevention

Protect your critical data and avoid expensive consequences

Do you really know where all your data is?

The data stored by companies grows by around 40% annually – and with it, your risk is continually rising. This is because 60% of the data is completely unknown to your IT department. Personal details, contracts, financial reports, development plans and other critical records are very often hidden from sight within this “dark data”.

It spreads and proliferates unnoticed over the years in backups – and when the data is migrated into new systems, it’s brought along “just to be sure” or is already in the cloud. This data is a ticking time bomb.

What if the data falls into the hands of hackers, who threaten publish it or sell your corporate secrets… This is precisely where APARAVI’s “Data Breach Prevention” comes into play.

Why is unstructured data so dangerous?

  • Hard to analyze: Identifying high-risk information in huge amounts of data is only possible using intelligent software.
  • Gaps in compliance: Companies are responsible for their unknown data, too. Enterprises run the risk of incurring high fines and severe penalties in case of a data privacy violation.
  • Low data security: Unstructured data is more susceptible to cyberattacks and data theft.

GDPR-compliant technical and organizational measures are mandatory

  • Protecting the data: The security and integrity of the data must be ensured through technical and organizational measures (TOM) under the EU regulations (Art. 32 GDPR).
  • Overview of all data: Should a data breach occur, all impacted customers, suppliers, partners and employees have to be informed comprehensively in addition to notifying the competent authority (Art. 33 GDPR).
  • Magnitude of the administrative fines: The actual amount of the fines is dependent on the quality and quantity of the preventive measures in place (Art. 83 GDPR).

Mitigate your risk

The number of cyberattacks on German companies has been rising at a dramatic pace and are increasingly becoming public knowledge. Recently, adesso, Bitmarck, Continental, HIPP, Stadtwerke Mainz, Caritas have been hit, to name just a few.

Data breach prevention is becoming ever more essential, because sooner or later EVERY company will be hit by a cyberattack. Organizations that have developed a smart crisis strategy in advance are able to avoid the worst outcomes. With APARAVI you can ensure perfect transparency by exhaustively taking inventory of all data.

We scan all your unstructured data, no matter where it may be stored. Our intelligent software identifies and classifies data quickly, thoroughly and accurately. In this way, you gain a clear overview and detailed insights at the same time. Now, you are in a position to actively implement useful measures – and will be rewarded by data protection authorities for doing so.

Adopt intelligent crisis strategies with APARAVI

Customized search criteria

Easy to set your own parameters to find data

Identifying access rights

You are provided with rapid identification of users who had access to the impacted files.

Ongoing classification

Identification, tagging and protection of personal data based on specific freely definable criteria.

Automated deletion processes

Avoid data breaches, while also saving time and resources by deleting superfluous and obsolete data from your system.

Daily high-speed scans

Information regarding metadata, contents, file storage location, file name, signature, creation or modification dates, and much more.

Automatic detection of anomalies

Our data analysis recognizes unusual or abnormal activities in your company’s stored data.

Scanning across all locations and sites

Scan all data pools in hybrid IT infrastructures no matter where they are located, both on-premises and cloud-based (AWS, Azure, etc.).

Avoid incurring fines

You have clear evidence of implementing comprehensive technical and organizational measures (TOM) on a regular basis.

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Real life example: Cyberattack on bike manufacturer Prophete

Bicycle manufacturer Prophete was a successful company specialized in the production of high-quality bikes. Due to simple negligence, the company fell victim to a severe data breach. The attackers gained access to the company’s database and made off with confidential information about customers, products and business processes.

The data breach was discovered far too late to limit the damage. Prophete had practically no crisis strategy for protecting itself from a cyberattack and could not react quickly enough. The consequences were devastating for the company. The company’s reputation was severely damaged, while the trust of customers and business partners was lost.

Prophete was unable to recover from the loss of customers and turnover, and finally had to file for insolvency. The cost of overcoming the data breach was too high to keep the company afloat.

Known from

White paper
Data Breach Prevention

In our white paper, you’ll find out more about:

The real cost of a data breach
Discover why remedial measures following a data breach are many times more expensive than investing in relevant TOMs.

Protect that which is worth protecting
Find, comprehend and process your unstructured data safely.

Time savings of up to 75%
Quick, accurate analysis of compromised data pools.

Expand your knowledge base: Download our white paper

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