Data Breach
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So, you have been hacked.
Now, it’s crucial that you take action immediately!

What is a data breach?

A data breach is the theft or abuse of data, in which an unauthorized party gains access to confidential, protected or sensitive data.
A cyberattack may be the result of hacking, malware, social engineering or human error. It can cause a company to suffer severe financial, legal and reputative damage. Hackers often blackmail companies, demanding ransom to prevent the stolen data from being published.

In the case of data theft, it’s of critical importance to know which data has been stolen as quickly as possible – to estimate the impact of the attack and take appropriate remedial measures.

Respond rapidly and correctly with APARAVI, to minimize the damage caused by data breaches.

How you can recognize that you have been hacked:

  • Unfamiliar system activity: Inexplicable logins, data transfers, file configurations    
  • Unauthorized access: Missing data or no access to data, unexpected transactions
  • Issues with your system’s performance: Slow network speeds, system crashes and system overload
  • Installation of malware: Unknown programs or services running on your system

Are you able to answer these questions?

  • Incident: Cause and extent of the breach, impacted data?
  • Impacted persons: Who is affected by the incident?
  • Consequences: What can be expected – identity theft, financial losses, blackmail?
  • Planned measures: Have any steps already been taken to mitigate risks or restore the system?
  • Matching the data: Has the hacked data already been checked compared with the company’s data?

Hacked! What now?

Should you suspect or even know that you’ve been hacked, it’s crucial to act quickly!

If you don’t have the required know-how or appropriate tools to determine the extent of the cyberattack, it could lead to devastating consequences.

Our experts are specialized in supporting companies in exactly these types of crisis situations. They recommend practical courses of action and lead you through the entire process, minimizing the impact of the cyberattack and reducing the risk of consequential damages.

Emergency support for cyberattacks provided by APARAVI’s experts

Have you been hacked? We will help you assess the situation correctly and initiate the necessary measures.

Determine affected individuals

We provide you with an overview of data and persons concerned through user-defined classification (RegEx).

Identifying access rights

You are provided with rapid identification of users who had access to the impacted files.

Facilitates and simplifies reporting to authorities

We establish whether you have a duty to report to the authorities and help you create the required reports.

Interfaces with analysis tools

Imports, processes and analyzes data from other specialized software solutions, such as Relativity.

Emergency hotline

Our experts assist you quickly and with great care.

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