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Data Breach
Emergency Assistance

So, you have been hacked.
Now, it’s crucial that you take action immediately!

Every minute counts!

If you suspect or even know that your company has been hacked, you must act quickly!

If you do not have the necessary know-how and the appropriate tools to identify the extent of the cyber-attack, the consequences can be devastating. Companies only have three days to inform the authority in charge about the data breach and to document how it will be remedied!

Our experts are specialised in supporting companies in such emergencies. They provide you with concrete recommendations for action and guide you through the entire process to minimise the impact of the cyber-attack and the risk of consequential damage.

How you can recognize that you have been hacked:

  • Unfamiliar system activity: Inexplicable logins, data transfers, file configurations    
  • Unauthorised access: Missing data or no access to data, unexpected transactions
  • Issues with your system’s performance: Slow network speeds, system crashes and system overload
  • Installation of malware: Unknown programs or services running on your system
  • Unauthorised user accounts: New or changed accounts indicate unauthorised access


  • Immediate response: Our team of experts is always ready to react to a cyber-attack. We analyse the data theft, to identify the stolen information as quickly as possible.
  • Effective damage limitation: Our experts investigate the impact of the data breach and develop individual strategies to minimise the damage and quickly restore your business activities.
  • First-class security: With innovative technology and continuous scans, we ensure that your confidential data is stored in a secure environment und protected from further threats.
  • Trust and discretion: We treat your data with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Our strict data protection guidelines ensure that your sensitive information is handled securely.

Emergeny assistance - protect your company

A data breach can have serious consequences for your company. Unauthorised access to confidential data can cause devastating financial, legal and reputational damage. Hackers usually demand a ransom to not publish the stolen data.

It is crucial to act fast, in order to assess the impact of the data breach properly and to take appropriate measures.

APARAVI stands by your side in this critical situation. Our specialised team reacts fast and correct to protect your company from the consequences of data leaks.

Fast help with the
APARAVI Data Breach Widget

Our expert Heinzi impressively demonstrates how the innovative “Data Breach Widget” works. A powerful tool that scans, indexes and classifies your data in a platform independent way to identify sensitive and personal data at lightning speed.

In the event of a cyber-attack, time is invaluable. The APARAVI platform helps you to react immediately in case of an emergency. APARAVI finds and filters the crucial data from your entire infrastructure in order to take appropriate measures as fast as possible.

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Emergency support for cyberattacks provided by APARAVI’s experts

Have you been hacked? We will help you assess the situation correctly and initiate the necessary measures.

Determine affected individuals

We provide you with an overview of data and persons concerned through user-defined classification (RegEx).

Identifying access rights

You are provided with rapid identification of users who had access to the impacted files.

Facilitates and simplifies reporting to authorities

We establish whether you have a duty to report to the authorities and help you create the required reports.

Interfaces with analysis tools

Imports, processes and analyzes data from other specialized software solutions, such as Relativity.

Emergency hotline

Our experts assist you quickly and with great care.

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Data breach emergency

In our whitepaper you can learn more:

The real cost traps
Why data breach cleanup is many times more expensive than investing in relavant TOMs.

Protect What's Worth Protecting.
Find, understand and securely process unstructured data.

Save up to 75% time
Quickly and accurately analyze compromised data assets.

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