APARAVI vs. Data Breach

Fast, accurate assessment of your compromised data

Protect your company's valuable assets!

Do you know of any organizations that simply hope the next data breach will pass them by? At APARAVI we prefer to be realistic. So, we are stating it plainly: It is bound to happen. The only question is: When?

With APARAVI, you can prepare your organization optimally for the day you suffer a data breach.
Actively prevent substantial harm to your company, employees, customers and partners!

What exactly is a data breach?

Data breaches, the theft of data from your organization, are a nightmare for every CISO and IT admin.

Most breaches are the result of data leaks, malware or ransomware, phishing, DDoS attacks, guessed passwords, and lost or stolen hardware.
In short: A data breach is a real, huge business risk!

And it happens to the best of them: Facebook, amazon, Twitter, the Marriott Group. Together, they lost over 1.2 billion data sets in the past 4 years. In most cases, personal data was stolen and sold on the darknet.

Data breaches come at enormous cost, not only for the customers impacted by the loss, but also for the companies. In addition to the high fines imposed for GDPR violations, it is the costs for recovery and restoration that really hurt: 4,35 millionen dollar. According to a study conducted by IBM in 2021, this is the average cost of a data breach to a company.

The APARAVI platform:
Emergency assistance & prevention for data breaches

The majority of data theft incidents can be attributed to unstructured data, which usually accumulates in the systems of organizations – both unused and unusable. As experts in exactly this type of data, APARAVI facilitates two approaches to preventing data breaches – immediate remediation and prevention.

Rapid, accurate emergency assistance for data breaches

APARAVI helps companies to identify, understand and report data breaches:

  • User-defined classification (RegEx) and quick insight into the impacted data
  • Rapid identification of users who had access to the files affected
  • Checking the validity of data sets as a basis for making decisions about next steps
  • Required reporting to feed into specific analytic tools
  • Simplified notification of authorities through customizable reporting in the APARAVI Cockpit
  • Fast matching, through regular & comprehensive data inventory, whether the stolen data is really yours

Fewer than 10 days with APARAVI compared with the typical 30 days usually taken to find and classify files containing personal data. Consequently, you are able to inform and protect those impacted by the breach accordingly quickly.
Let our experts advise you.

Avoid and prepare

Protection in advance of a data breach

How APARAVI helps you to avoid the worst:

“Prepping” in advance of a digital disaster? This might sound strange to some. Still, better to be overly cautious in advance of a data breach than suffer from a massive loss of trust, reputation and money as a result of one. As mentioned above, it is not a matter of “if”, but rather “when”.

  • Lower fines through proof of comprehensive & regular technical and organizational measures
  • Fast matching of your data with allegedly hacked files using regular & accurate data inventory drastically reduces the cost in case of an cyber emergency
  • Daily high-speed scans with details about the storage location, name, signature, creation or modification dates, etc. of the files
  • Automatic detection of anomalies, which helps to minimize the risk of data breaches at an early stage
  • Data cleansed of duplicates, reducing your energy costs and CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent
  • Ongoing classification of personal data helps you avoid data privacy violations
  • Continual scanning of all your data for duplicates and other ROT data which could act as gateways into your network
  • Automated deletion processes for these duplicates to avoid unnecessary, time-intensive data analyses following data breaches

Any questions about immediate remediation of data breaches or proactive data management?

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