APARAVI & Data migration

Save valuable costs & time in connection with the smart migration of your unstructured data into the cloud

Data migration on time & within budget

Up to 75 percent of migration projects are completed over budget, and then also more than three months late. *
These are the bald facts when it comes to cloud migration in organizations. Admittedly, the move from on-premises or hybrid infrastructures to the cloud can get extremely complex very quickly.

However, the main reason is: “Garbage-out, garbage-in”. Any organization already storing useless legacy data will also transfer it into the cloud.
Tidy up and cleanse your data with APARAVI prior to your cloud migration and stay “on time & within budget”!

*McKinsey Industries Study: Cloud migration opportunities, Sept. 2021

What makes cloud migration projects fail?

The devil is often in the unstructured data, which clutters up your on-prem systems, eats away at your performance and even poses data protection risks.

Find, analyze and categorize this data before migrating to the cloud and avoid taking it with you. Your IT service managers, data owners and specialized departments will return the favor with efficiency and productivity.

Did you know that unstructured data occupies up to 80 percent of on-premises storage, consuming a significant part of the storage budget?

The clean-up imperative prior to data migration

Unstructured data may originate from text, Office, image, video or audio files, from chat threads, contractual PDFs, satellite pictures, emails and all the way through to sensor data from IoT devices. But what is important to keep and what can be discarded? With APARAVI, you can organize your data and unclutter your storage.

Comprehensive data cleansing with a system

Carry out your data migration in line with your schedule and budget. APARAVI assists you in developing a suitable classification taxonomy with which you can organize and prioritize data correctly. This enables you to clarify whether existing data sets are relevant or may even contain sensitive information, such as personal details, confidential information or trade secrets.

Delete up to 40 percent of unused, useless data already BEFORE migration takes place – saving power, storage space and IT admin efforts.

  • Quick insight into the potential to delete data thanks to powerful platform
  • Less complexity through analytical tools & intuitive reporting cockpit
  • More transparency, as over 6,000 file types can be identified and scanned with text recognition
  • Cost transparency and clarity by way of the cloud calculator, which calculates your requirements in terms of data volume, data types, instance types & network specifications
  • Migration projects according to plan thanks to ready-made automation and best practice workflows

Identifying potential savings?

Let our experts advise you before your migration to the cloud! Arrange your personal appointment now.