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Architecture, data security and dashboard of the APARAVI platform

Insights: The APARAVI Dashboard

Lean: The platform architecture

The heart of our platform essentially comprises the following three components:

  1. Collector
    The Collector discovers and collects metadata and contents from over 6,000 different file formats – no matter whether it is stored on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid storage scenarios. Once information has been indexed, it can be transmitted to the Aggregators via a TLS-secured TCP/IP connection.

  2. Aggregator & Index Database
    The Aggregator saves the indexed information and enables quick, in-depth analyses of your unstructured data. In the process, all your files remain unaltered in your data storage.

  3. Dashboard
    Get started with tried and tested classification options as well as complex, freely definable queries. In this way, your unstructured data is transformed into structured, available data by adding file details, allowing you to decide how you wish to proceed with it. For instance, you can import the data into existing analysis tools, move it to more economical environments or forward it to data deletion processes.

Intuitive: The dashboard

Gain and maintain control over your unstructured data, no matter where it is stored.

Insights: The APARAVI Dashboard

Data Analysis and Assessment

Our dashboard offers ready-to-use widgets to display easily comprehensible data metrics for your scanned data. You are given a clear overview of your data and the opportunity to analyze it effortlessly. The dashboard has a modular structure and can be configured to meet your requirements.

Insight into Your Stored Data

Our dashboard provides you with numerous useful, effective functions to optimize your data management. You gain an overview of your projected data growth and data which is no longer needed. Additionally, you are alerted to the existence of potentially sensitive or personal data.

Insights: The APARAVI Dashboard

Customized Reports

Our reporting system ensures that you maintain control over your data at all times. Whether it’s the most recent date changes were made to a file or potential security concerns – our tailored reports provide a valuable overview of your data, enabling you to make well-substantiated decisions.

Easy: The installation

Four easy steps to bring full transparency to your unstructured data

Step 1
Project fact-finding / Installation

Duration 1-2 Days
Efforts 1 Meeting with APARAVI


  • Gathering the requirements and targeted outcomes
  • Technical check of the IT infrastructure and installation
  • First scan of the data


  • Clear objectives for your data strategy
  • Installation into your protected IT infrastructure facilitated by our experts

Step 2
First data scan (100 TB)

Duration 1 Week
Efforts 1 Meeting with APARAVI


  • Defining sources and paths for the first deep-dive data scan
  • Activating the indexing process


  • Validated insights into the state of your data
  • Transparent overview of your stored data (duplicates and metadata

Schritt 3
Deep-dive indexing of your data

Duration 2-5 Weeks
Efforts 1 Day Workshop with APARAVI


  • Training on how to use the platform
  • Getting to know pre-installed reports
  • Creating tailored classification options
  • Defining reports


  • You learn about the options and opportunities offered by the platform
  • Pre-defined and tailored classification
  • Empowering autonomous usage

Step 4
Boosting data performance

Duration Period of annual contract
Efforts Regular meetings


  • Drawing up a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Assessing, adapting and carrying out projects


  • Provides deep insight into your stored data through detailed, automated reports
  • Facilitates the ability to make decisions (move, delete, copy)
  • Minimizing risks (GDPR), reporting (ESG), saving costs and resources

Our platform architecture

Our system architecture explained in a few words by our expert Heinz Heymann. He gives you an overview of the interaction of the components and their tasks.

You want to go deeper?
Our expert will be pleased to explain the APARAVI architecture to you in detail!

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Security: Our top priority

How we safeguard your company’s valuable assets

Secured by firewall

Both the Collector and Aggregator are operated securely within your firewall-protected infrastructure, no matter whether it’s an on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment.

TLS 1.3 encryption

The TCP/IP data connection between the Collector and Aggregator is encrypted using TLS 1.3.

Data remains unaltered

The APARAVI platform never changes your original files, while supporting you and your employees to process them efficiently.

No direct access to data

The APARAVI Dashboard never allows direct access to files. And we store neither files nor indexing details in the Dashboard.

Hosted in Germany

We consciously host the Dashboard in Germany. The system is accessed by way of a HTTPS connection, OAuth2 services are available, and the data presented is encrypted “at rest”.

Customized user rights

The APARAVI Dashboard allows granular configuration of the roles and rights granted to users.

GDPR compliant

APARAVI is not a contract data processor, and APARAVI’s employees have no direct access to personal data.

Rely on the highest security

Did you know that with APARAVI
you can already achieve full transparency
for your unstructured data within just a few days?

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APARAVI Features and Services

Highest data quality for your projects and processes

APARAVI provides a powerful and flexible platform, which can easily be integrated into any system environment. Companies benefit from a wide range of features and services to analyze, administrate and process their data more effectively.

Scan configuration
Custom Classification
File Classifying (Grouping/Mapping)
File Indexing (Content)
Deep indexing
individual offer
File Signature (Duplicates)
individual offer
Pre-Defined Classifications
Sources and Targets
Azure Blob
File System
OneDrive for Business
Discovery & Legal Search - Relativity
individual offer
SharePoint (Cloud)
S3 Compatible
Individual Connector
individual offer
Data Actions
Search - General Functions
Search - Metadata
Search - Advanced
Onboarding & Continuous Success
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    Control your data like never before - with the dashboard you keep the overview.

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    data growth

    Corporate data is growing inexorably - APARAVI keeps you in control.

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    How you benefit
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    Explore the benefits of our platform – reducing risks and unearthing the treasures hidden within your data.

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