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Explore the value of your unstructured data.

Our platform in two short sentences. WHAT is APARAVI?

APARAVI is a SaaS-based data intelligence & automation platform, which can be employed in the cloud or on-premises.
It helps organizations to unlock the value of their unstructured data, while also minimizing risks and costs.


4 steps to generating more value from your data.

    Identify unstructured data wherever it may be located. Our high-performance search engine recognizes around 6,000 data formats and is able to find irrelevant, redundant and hidden data.
    More than 150 classification rules and customer-specific queries (metadata and contents!) facilitate an unobstructed view of your important data, which can then be indexed and structured to allow deeper analysis and optimization for use in other systems and tools.
  • 3. PROCESS
    Categorize your data with the aim of exclusively storing important, harmless data in your organization or cloud storage. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to analyze and process this well-organized data further in the system of your choice.
    Gain new insights quickly and improve your basis for making decisions. Set up tailored processes to continually aggregate, analyze and process your unstructured data. This reduces storage and infrastructure costs, while boosting the morale of your data experts.

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And the bottom line?

The platform gives you:

  • Up to 40% lower operating costs for data storage and IT infrastructure
  • Up to 45% reduction in energy costs & CO2 emissions for data storage
  • Up to 20% increase in turnover and productivity through well-organized, uncluttered data pool
  • 100% of your cloud migration and AI projects completed on time & within budget
  • Continuous monitoring of data risks


Get rid of worthless legacy information & get the most out of your data

As they say, with organization comes empowerment.
And organizing your unstructured data will empower your business.

Stored data which has been organized and uncluttered with APARAVI undoubtedly opens up new opportunities for you to work with it:

  • Identify dark data and reduce ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial data)

  • Reduce storage infrastructure and operating costs

  • Simplify and automate data governance and compliance

  • Improve data protection processes and avoid costly fines

  • Enable efficient analyses of data exposed in breaches

  • Facilitate easy migration of data and secure access on-premises or via the cloud

  • Perform big data analyses & machine learning with well-organized data

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Deep Dive.

The platform architecture.

The core of our platform essentially comprises three components:

The Collector, the Aggregator including the index database, and the Cockpit. We know:
You have a lot on your plate. So, here are the key functions of each of these components in two to three short sentences:

1. The Collector, our data hunter and gatherer
Metadata and contents in over 6,000 different file formats are found and collected by the Collector – regardless of whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid storage scenarios. Once information has been indexed, it can be transmitted to the Aggregators via a TLS-secured TCP/IP connection.

2. The Aggregator & index database, our data organizing squad
The Aggregator saves the indexed information and enables quick, in-depth analyses of your unstructured data. In the process, all your files remain unaltered in your data storage.

3. The Cockpit, your control center for searching for and processing data
Get started with tried and tested classification options as well as complex, freely definable queries. In this way, your unstructured data is transformed by adding structured, available file details, allowing you to decide how you wish to proceed with it. For instance, you can import the data into existing analysis tools, move it to more economical environments or forward it to data deletion processes.

Our system architecture explained in a few words by an expert.

An overview of the interaction of the components and their tasks.

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Your data

At least 7-times secured.

Your data contains treasures, but also hidden risks. We treat data with the appropriate level of caution.

Here you can find seven crucial security measures with which we actively safeguard your company assets:

  • 1. The Collector and Aggregator always run within your firewall-protected infrastructure, no matter whether in on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments.
  • 2. The TCP/IP data connections between Collector and Aggregator are TLS 1.3 encrypted.
  • 3. The APARAVI platform never alters your original files but supports you and your staff with efficient editing.
  • 4. The APARAVI Cockpit never allows direct access to files. And we neither save your files nor index information in the Cockpit.
  • 5. We consciously host the Cockpit in Germany. It is accessed by way of an HTTPS connection, OAuth2 services are available, and the presented data is encrypted “at rest”.
  • 6. The granting of roles and access rights within the APARAVI Cockpit can be configured with a high degree of granularity.
  • 7. APARAVI is not a third party data processor and APARAVI employees have no direct access to personal data.

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