A data breach can happen to anyone - at any time.

Defend your digital corporate assets!
APARAVI preventively protects your data and ensures a fast & accurate cleanup.

Exclusive whitepaper: How to analyse compromised data 3x faster

The number of cyber attacks on German organisations is increasing rapidly: Continental AG, HiPP, Stadtwerke Mainz, IHK Munich, Caritas are currently affected.

The question is not if it happens, but when: every company can be attacked by cyber criminals, regardless of size, turnover and supposedly well-positioned IT security. With a clean data inventory, you can find and protect personal, confidential and other sensitive information.

Additionally, you safe high costs (4,35mio €) of maximum fines, time-consuming forensics by external specialists, and reputation damaging press reports.

Find out more in our data breach whitepaper:

  • The real cost trap: Why cleaning up a data breach is many times more expensive than investing in relevant TOMs
  • Protect what's worth protecting: Find, understand & securely process unstructured data
  • Save up to 75% of time: The fast & accurate analysis of compromised file assets

*IBM Data Breach report, refer to website and whitepaper

Find out more in our data breach whitepaper: