Use-Case Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

As part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, many companies spend some of their resources on promoting social and environmental projects or making their supply chains and the manufacture of their products more climate- and environmentally friendly. However, today's digital lifestyle is also having an increasingly negative impact on the environment, by generating high CO2 emissions in the manufacture and use of electronic devices, for example. The increasing volumes of data must also be taken into account: Data centres already consume around 1 percent of the electricity generated worldwide – in the next 15 years, this figure is expected to rise to 30 percent.

Master IT enables companies to sustainably manage their data and reduce the data assets they have stored in data centres by up to 40 percent. Using predefined or custom classifications, redundant, obsolete or trivial data (ROT data) can be easily identified and deleted. As a result, less storage space is required in the data centre, which in turn consumes less power.

Use Case - Insurance companies Long-term customer loyalty

Insurance companies often employ different professional groups for customer acquisition and customer care – sales representatives in the field and inside sales or general agents. They sell their products and settle contracts with existing and new customers. All correspondence, customer information and contracts are scanned and stored as PDFs – but no one ever looks at the exact details, such as due dates or exclusions, again afterwards. Accordingly, customer service representatives do not know when their customers are likely to cancel their insurance contracts or which policies need to be adjusted, when a child is born, for example. They can therefore only make customers new and better offers reactively.

Use Case - Insurances Accurate insights into contracts

Insurance companies fulfil their contractual obligations in the event of a claim by reimbursing damages up to defined coverage amounts. The amount of coverage is defined in contracts, signed, scanned, and stored in various formats. These coverage amounts can change over time, however, because new laws are passed, or regulations adapted. As a result, insurance companies must revise their contracts accordingly. But they face the challenge of not knowing which contracts are actually affected by the changes. If they fail to meet the requirements, however, insurance companies can be faced with lawsuits from their customers.


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