High data quality for audits

We make financial service providers fit for DORA, BAIT, KAIT, VAIT and MaRisk

Many requirements - one solution

Financial service providers such as banks, insurance companies and credit institutions are under constant pressure to comply with a multitude of rules and regulations. Not only the GDPR and the KRITIS regulations make handling data more difficult, but also the BaFin's catalogues of requirements: KAIT, BAIT and VAIT. These requirements demand the highest level of data management to ensure smooth operations and legal compliance.

APARAVI offers a specialised solution tailored to the complex needs of financial service providers to make data management and compliance efficient and legally compliant.

BaFin requirements at a glance

The EU's Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) considers all components of operational resilience and explicitly includes rules for IT risk management.
The BAIT, VAIT and KAIT are BaFin guidelines that set clear requirements for the technical and organisational design of information technology (IT), IT systems and IT peripherals in German financial companies. Their main objective is to strengthen information security and IT governance in these companies and to raise awareness of IT-related risks.
In addition, MaRisk implements the qualitative requirements of Basel II and Basel III into German law.

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APARAVI: Your lifesaver in the flood of large-scale IT projects

The amount of unstructured data from a wide variety of sources is growing enormously; transparency and quality are an ongoing task. With APARAVI, you have a powerful and secure software to keep unstructured data usable - for all business transactions.
From any source, for over 6000 file types and of course BaFin-compliant - these use cases are just examples!

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Maximum transparency for individualised data processing applications

Prepare your data for §44 BaFin special audits

Individualised data processing in the financial sector is classified as very critical by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), as it often entails inadequate quality assurance, documentation and limited traceability. Insurers, banks and financial service providers often use Excel, among other things, to create workarounds for complex calculations. The risks in this example are often underestimated: process breaks, a lack of documentation, a high susceptibility to errors in calculations and a lack of transparency are not tolerated by BaFin.

APARAVI offers a powerful solution for searching masses of data from any source for individualised data processing. Your data is indexed and classified, the results are presented in comprehensible reports and transferred to transparent processes.

  • Factoring in the healthcare sector:
    Efficient billing and individualised data processing under control

    Private medical billing and clearing centres are hit twice by unstructured data: they have to recognise and extract billable services from 1,000s of patient files, which are available in a wide variety of formats including handwritten notes, and process them in a structured manner.

    APARAVI offers high scanning performance and reliable text recognition through extensive classifications relating to treatments, remedies, care and patient transport. Our customers benefit from drastic time savings and relief for the billing experts. And as factoring service providers, they are subject to strict BaFin regulations on individualised data processing as lenders to doctors and hospitals. We provide support with highly specialised queries/search queries, e.g. to find complex formulas and macros.

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  • Factoring in the healthcare sector: Bill efficiently with APARAVI

APARAVI - We make your data ready for BaFin


Find, index and categorise outdated documents in

  • Sharepoint
  • File systems
  • OneDrive
  • OnPrem or Cloud
Audit-proof documentation
  • Transparent setup
  • Customised classifications
  • Scan processes
  • Deletions without black box or human error
Automated detection of security incidents
  • Recognise anomalies and unusual access to critical files
  • Optimum integrity assurance of log data in source systems
Individualised data processing
  • Creation of registers
  • Classification of applications depending on their risk
  • Appropriate quality assurance
IT emergency management
  • Preventive measures for cyber attacks
  • Dashboard with an overview of all critical data
Full transparency
  • Every data source
  • Every file type
  • Every content
  • Every classification
  • Every analysis and application
Authorisation management
  • Complete authorisation concepts
  • Analysable documentation
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