Control IT

Control and trust

25 %

Productivity increase

40 %

Cost reduction

4 %

GDPR penalty avoidance

100 %


KEY BENEFITS What distinguishes this solution?

Do you know how high your costs are for storing ROT data (redundant, obsolete and trivial data) lying dormant on your servers? They’re definitely too high, so change that: Control IT gives you a simple solution that makes it easy to get your ROT data under control. Manually or automatically delete data you no longer need, consolidate data to free up storage space, or migrate data to lower-cost storage without loss. Keep only the data you really need, and save money in the process.

Control and trust Control IT

Optimise your unstructured data assets to increase performance and reduce the load on your IT systems. Thanks to the Deep Intelligence Engine, you get an overview of your ROT data at a glance. Archive, migrate, consolidate, delete or migrate this data efficiently according to your specifications. Thanks to this lean data, you can save more than 40 percent of your ongoing storage costs.

Features The features of Control IT at a glance:

The Deep Intelligence Engine automatically detects ROT data (redundant, obsolete or trivial data) when analysing your enterprise data.

In the Data Mastery Cockpit – the intuitive user interface – you can delete, consolidate or migrate this data according to your needs with just a few clicks to free up storage space and save costs.

Define individual defaults, so the solution automatically takes care of your ROT data.

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