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Unstructured data has been the largest untapped resource of the 21st century. At least until now.
Unstructured data can be found, protected, managed and mastered with Aparavi’s unique Data Mastery Platform; regardless of where it is stored. Therefore, we make a critical contribution at the beginning of every organisation’s digital transformation.


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Features Aparavi Data Mastery (ADAM)

Aparavi’s Data Mastery Platform is built using the innovative Deep Intelligence Engine, the intelligent search engine based on machine learning. It includes four solutions: Find IT, Protect IT, Control IT and Master IT.

The Deep Intelligence Engine uncovers your unstructured enterprise data – whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Classify and optimize this data according to your own specifications so it’s ready for analysis and use. Thanks to the intuitive user interface – the Data Mastery Cockpit – even employees without significant IT knowledge can operate the Data Mastery Platform. This means that nothing stands in the way of you getting the best out of your company data.

Tech Specifications

More than 150 country- and industry-specific guidelines are available for classifying data to ensure that compliance requirements are met.

To create your own policies, more than 900 global patterns can be used and even combined, then tested directly in the Data Mastery Cockpit.

Automatically detects ROT data and manages it according to your needs to free up storage space, improve IT system performance and minimize hidden risks.

Prepares the data for further use in other applications.

The cloud-based solution is implemented in just 30 minutes and runs on all common operating systems.

Transparency and efficiency Find IT

Aparavi’s entry-level solution includes the innovative Deep Intelligence Engine. Thanks to the intelligent search engine, which is based on machine learning, you can easily evaluate your data sets and prepare the data for your needs. The data always remains within your firewall, i.e. in your control.
Save time and costs and finally make your unstructured data visible and usable.

Structure and security Protect IT

With the extension of our entry-level solution, we offer you maximum security. Classify your data according to country- and industry-specific standards and automate your compliance management with just a few clicks – complying with GDPR has never been easier.

Control and trust Control IT

Optimise your unstructured data assets to increase performance and reduce the load on your IT systems. Thanks to the Deep Intelligence Engine, you get an overview of your ROT data (redundant, obsolete or trivial data) at a glance. Archive, migrate, consolidate, delete or migrate this data efficiently according to your specifications. Thanks to this lean data, you can save more than 40 percent of your ongoing storage costs.

Knowledge and value creation Master IT

The complete solution from Aparavi for managing and analysing your company data. Leverage the potential of your unstructured enterprise data beyond the services of Find IT, Protect IT and Control IT and sustainably increase your business success. Discover valuable insights, optimise processes, improve the customer experience and make informed business decisions. Leverage your digital assets – from day one!

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