As a young start-up, we are known for our flat hierarchies which extend across national borders and continents, our trusting and dynamic cooperation and, above all, our openness to new ideas and concepts. No matter what challenges we face, we focus on the opportunities they present and draw conclusions so that we can do better in the future. Our will to succeed unites us: We want to give companies back control over their data so that they can fully realise their potential.

The same is important to us for our employees: At Aparavi, every employee is encouraged to develop professionally, and contribute his or her strengths to our common goal in the best possible way.

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Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA 90401
929 Colorado Ave
+1 (323) 922-2010


Lothstraße 5
80335 Munich, Germany
+49 (0)89 5404 3992


90401, Baarerstr. 135
6300 Zug, Switzerland
+49 (0)89 5404 3992