Data Mastery is the success factor of today

August 23 2021

"Data is the new gold" - you've probably heard that many times, but is it true? As so often in life, the answer is: it depends. In this case, on what data is meant. Because a lot of really valuable information is contained in unstructured data, and most companies have not had controlled access to it until now. But that can change now - for you, too. Our Data Mastery Platform makes this possible.

What is unstructured data actually? It is information that is hidden, for example, in PDFs, Word files, notes, e-mails, text files, presentations, audio recordings or videos and cannot be stored in row- and column-oriented databases. As a result, companies lack systematic access to this information. The problem is that it is precisely this data - 80 percent of business data, according to an IDC study - that is often relevant to the business and can help you:

  • save up to 40 percent on data storage costs
  • achieve your sustainability goals by reducing your carbon footprint
  • increase employee productivity by 20 percent
  • meet compliance guidelines
  • improve the customer experience
  • achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Find relevant information in unstructured data

If you want to make use of this data in the future, the solutions of our Data Mastery Platform will help you. With them, you can find, classify, optimize and evaluate your unstructured data. How does it work? With the Deep Intelligence Engine, the heart of our cloud-based solution. The intelligent analyzer and search engine is able to read out the actual content of data and doesn't just look at the metadata, and it does so regardless of where your data is located - whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

To do this, we deploy collector servers within your IT infrastructure, where all the data you share is read. All data always stays within your own firewall and does NOT leave your company. If you want to find specific information, the Deep Intelligence Engine searches the contents of these data sets and indexes them. This tells you at a glance in the Data Mastery Cockpit - the intuitive user interface - which of your company's data contains the information you are looking for, and the Confidence Factor shows you how closely the data matches your search query. At the same time, you are also shown helpful information, such as when the data was created or last edited. This allows you to delete redundant, obsolete or trivial data directly with a simple click of the mouse, move it and thus free up storage space. A great contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Do you really need 50 copies of the same file on your servers?

Simplify your compliance and data management

Thanks to the Deep Intelligence Engine, compliance also becomes very easy: You have 150 predefined country and industry-specific policies at your disposal. Simply select the ones that are relevant for your company - for example, the DSGVO -.
and let the Deep Intelligence Engine find all the data where relevant information is hidden. With the help of more than 900 global rules, you can even create your own policies entirely according to your needs.

Want to learn more about the Data Mastery Platform solutions powered by the Deep Intelligence Engine? Get all the details on how you can finally take back control of your data.


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