Become a Data Master

April 26 2021

Do you actually know exactly what data your company has, where it is located and what information it contains? Hand on your heart – the answer is most likely “no.” Am I right? But you’re not alone in this. It’s true that companies today are collecting more data than ever before, with plans to optimise processes, improve the customer experience or develop new business models. So much for the theory. In practice, however, things often look quite different. In fact, a large proportion of corporate data – 80 percent according to a recent IDC study – is only available in unstructured form, i.e. in emails, text files, presentations or audio and video formats, and is therefore mostly useless. Yet this is where true (data) treasures lie dormant, which can mean a decisive competitive advantage for your company.

Leverage digital assets

With Aparavi, the innovative data intelligence solution, you turn unstructured data into added value. Aparavi finds all company data, whether structured or unstructured, classifies and optimises it so that it can be used by the company. After all, data is an asset. It helps drive the business forward and secure sustainable competitive advantages. However, if it remains unused, there is a data productivity gap and the data is worthless.

Apart from that, data storage costs money: whether used or unused, data requires space on servers. In addition, employees spend a lot of time searching for information when data is unstructured. This also costs money and reduces productivity. At the same time, such data may contain sensitive information that falls under compliance and data protection rules, such as GDPR. Since, as we all know, companies cannot just plead ignorance around data compliance, companies are taking an enormous risk here if they leave sensitive data dormant on their servers.

Simple solution, big effect

At first glance, you might think that companies need several complicated solutions to meet these challenges. But it’s actually quite simple: the keyword is Data Mastery. Companies need the right tool to gain full control over their data. And that’s what we can give them. At the heart of our cloud-based solution is the Data Mastery Platform. It is based on the Deep Intelligence Engine, the intelligent search engine based on machine learning. Thanks to the intuitive user interface – the Data Mastery Cockpit – companies can easily find, optimise, classify and use their data in any IT environment – whether on premise, in the cloud or hybrid – and thus get the most out of it to sustainably increase their business success. In addition, data can be quickly and easily consolidated or deleted to reduce the load on systems and improve IT performance. Hundreds of predefined industry-specific policies and global templates make it easier than ever for companies to implement and comply with regulations such as GDPR and significantly improve their compliance management.

Our solution is implemented and ready to use in just 30 minutes. Do you also want to become a Data Master and finally make use of your company’s digital assets? Learn more about us and our Data Mastery Platform here:


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