Aparavi launches Advisory Board

December 14 2021

The new Advisory Board will support Aparavi in current developments in the market and the direction of business issues.


Munich, December 2021 - Aparavi, provider for Data Mastery, today introduces its new Advisory Board, which will support the company in an advisory capacity and provide important impulses for current developments and discussions. To this end, the board brings together external experts with expertise in core market topics to contribute further perspectives and content and expand the network around Aparavi.

The Advisory Board consists of: Florian Huber (Partner and CDO Big4), Dr. Ulrike Handel (Investor and Supervisory Board Member), Thorsten Herrmann (General Manager Enterprise Commercial Microsoft), Dr. Alexander Deicke (Lawyer, Legal and Data Protection Interim Manager), Sabine Klisch (VP Global Marketing, Mostly AI) and Daniel Beringer (Managing Partner Greenpeak). Heidi Just (Chief of Staff) joins from Aparavi. Florian Huber takes on the role of Chairman.

Companies must have their data under control

Thematically, the members of the board already cover many aspects that are relevant in the market and affect Aparavi, its customers and partners. For example, data protection and DSGVO compliance play a major role when dealing with corporate data, but organizations also increasingly have to deal with the impact of their daily growing data volumes on their climate footprint or the productivity of their employees, especially in new, distributed work environments. Aparavi, with its Data Mastery platform, offers a solution that greatly simplifies these factors by allowing data to be found and deleted with just a few clicks. This gives companies back control of their data, makes it easy to provide information and requires less storage space, which in turn has a positive impact on their costs and CO2 emissions.

"From my own experience in various companies, I know how important an advisory board is - when different perspectives meet, new and exciting impulses emerge that you may not have had in mind yourself," explains Gregor Bieler, CEO EMEA at Aparavi. "I am therefore looking forward to lively and constructive discussions and good cooperation in the new Aparavi Advisory Board."


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