A personality with expertise and vision

June 21 2021

It was clear to us that in order to expand Aparavi’s presence in Europe, we needed a high-caliber professional who understood our vision and could think and act on a large scale. Someone who has the experience to develop companies and has that burning desire to establish something completely new in the market. In Gregor Bieler, we have found this personality and I am very happy to welcome him as CEO of the EMEA region. With Gregor on board, we will quickly realise our vision of becoming the leading platform for data mastery in Europe.

Gregor has an eye for the new and disruptive.

It fills us with pride that Gregor sees great potential in Aparavi. Why else would such a highly qualified manager move to a start-up? Others would shy away from a move from Microsoft’s largest business unit, the partner network, to a company that is as yet relatively unknown. Gregor, however, sees this move as an opportunity to play a holistic role in the development of a company with an extraordinary mission. With our Data Mastery Platform, we will help companies to sustainably minimise costs and risks and to achieve entrepreneurial success thanks to their unstructured data.

Gregor Bieler was successful at Microsoft, PayPal and Unwire and I am sure that he will replicate this success with Aparavi. Accompanying and supporting him on this journey makes me, as the founder, enormously happy. We understand each other not only on a business level, but also on a human level. There is great chemistry between him and us! In addition, we still see ourselves as a start-up with everything that goes with it – flat structures across national borders and continents, close and dynamic cooperation, and openness to new ideas and concepts. Mistakes are unavoidable, but our approach is to use these as opportunities to draw conclusions from them and do better in the future. Gregor shares these values one hundred percent. This is particularly important to me, as he will play a key role in shaping the corporate culture in our European business. With Gregor, we know that he will establish a culture characterised by openness, trust and the greatest possible will to succeed.

Gregor and I share the vision that companies must finally gain control over their data so that they can leverage its full potential and secure sustainable competitive advantages. Gregor: Welcome on board as CEO of EMEA!


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